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Advanced INtegration, Inc.

Printed Circuit Boards

We write software to your met your design specifications and create a custom board utilizing wave soldiering , pick and place technology.

Custom Manifolds

Our robust designs can be found in automotive, fluid power, pneumatic, medical, and analytical applications.  We integrate components such as solenoid valves, pressure switches, check valves, filters and even level switches to achieve the logic you require in one compact design.  

Wire Harnesses
Custom Assemblies
Hose Assemblies

Our one stop shop includes wire harnessing to electrically interface your printed circuit board and manifold into one custom assembly.

We also provide tubing and hose assemblies to mechanically connect your manifold.

Let Advanced Integration provide a total solution from prototype to finished product.  We specialize in niche market places and can partner with you for a complete custom assembly or finished product.